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HERR  JENS'S  BAND.  (Also known as:  Herr Jens's Bavarian Oompah Band)

In 1987 Jens Hislop felt there was a need for a band of this type in Yorkshire and so he formed one, buying some music and arranging some more. He then began the search for 10 good players. 30 years older and many musicians later, he is still here!

The band is composed of professional, semi-professional, retired professional and good amateur musicians from the various bands, orchestras and ensembles in Yorkshire. It specialised in traditional German "Bierkeller" music and became the leading "Oompah" band in Yorkshire, with astonishing versatility among its players. It comprises three reeds, six brass and a drummer.  It does not normally use electronic amplification, but could if the need arose, for example to an audience of well over 1000.

With the enthusiasm, varying musical tastes and abilities of its musicians, it now incorporates many different styles of music which means it can appeal to a much wider audience and is in effect a mini concert band that can adapt to almost any client's requirements.

It is very busy and undertakes a variety of engagements which have included playing on a moving train, on a barge, at weddings, birthdays, dances, bierkellers, church services, a royal visit, beer festivals, council park bandstands, with choirs and for corporate functions - the list is endless! Suffice to say the band is always up for any challenge where good music is required. There are three composer arrangers in the  band, some of whose works appear on their latest CD, which is the 2nd one they  have recorded, but all original copies have been sold, there are some copies of those copies still available.

If you are interested in hiring the band or the CD, please contact its director:

JENS HISLOP, at Haworth in West Yorkshire.

Tel. 01535 644444, E-mail: jensandrea@blueyonder.co.uk

Welcome! Thanks for looking into my site. I welcome enquiries about any kind of event where good music is required or where I can be of use in various aspects of music. These are some other musical services I can offer in addition to my band: -

1.  Smaller or larger performing groups - brass ensemble or other, - catering to client's requirements. I have a data base of over 60 excellent musicians.

2.  I play trombone (preferring the bass) or E flat tuba on a semi professional or amateur basis.

3.  Conducting - but I confess to a limited experience in this field - usually preferring to play.

4.  Music arranging using Sibelius 3 software, generally for the ten piece band, but can write for other groups.  I have scored for full brass band, concert band and choir, but never yet for a full symphony orchestra, but I am equipped to do so and think I could if the occasion arose.

5.   Copying badly written or almost illegible music manuscript using Sibelius 3, then producing proper printed copies as the original or transposed to other keys if required.

6.   Piano tuning and repairs.  I recently retrieved a Bechstein concert grand that was to be scrapped.  I  carried out a total restoration on it including complete re-stringing, renewing all the tuning pins, ivories, felts, mechanics and the French Polishing.  No expertise claimed before starting, but I learned a lot on the job.  I now proudly have the piano at home and professional pianists like playing it.  Most of the piano work I do now is tuning.

7   Instrument repairs on brass and woodwind.  Most jobs possible, but many jobs need a professional better qualified and equipped than me.  I dare not tamper with stringed instruments!

8   To hear the Band playing "Muss I Denn"  click on  the Mp3 track below.  To hear the whole of the last CD we recorded, please  use this link:


Jens Hislop. 

03 Track 3.mp3

Old Police Station House, Mill Hey, Haworth, West Yorkshire, Keighley, West Yorkshire. BD22 8NA. Tel.  01535 644444