WE have published a wedding  band brochure on paper,  with pictures.  Copies can be  E mailed or posted on request.  This is the text on that brochure.  The pictures are elsewhere on this website.

H E R R   J E N S’S   B A N D.   (Formerly:  Herr Jens’s Bavarian Oompah  Band.   Established in Haworth, in 1987 at The Old Police Station House,  Mill Hey,  Haworth,  West Yorkshire.  BD22 8NA.

Tel.  01535 644444.

E mail:  jensandrea@blueyonder.co.uk    Web:  www.jensmusic.co.uk


Think about making your wedding even more memorable, not just yourselves, but also for your guests!  For a small fraction of the total costs of the day, you can have a live band of top class musicians - at the ceremony,- (religious or civil), the reception and/or an evening party, or even all three!

We are a ten piece band, started over 25 years ago with just German Oompah music. Now we are a mini concert band with a very wide repertoire of different styles of music, - the ideal and very versatile band for wedding ceremonies, background music at receptions or full-on party music. We have experience of doing all types of wedding ceremonies and receptions through the years in addition to our very many other types of engagement.  Every wedding client we have ever played for has been delighted with us.

Jens Hislop, who created the band in 1987, has amassed a huge repertoire of music in many varieties – from light classics, enduring pop classics, oompah favourites, jazzy items, music from shows, ceremonial music, dance music, well known marches, waltzes, singalongs, over 1000 hymns etc. etc.   Our musicians are a mix of:  some retired from the nation’s major professional symphony orchestras, music teachers, top section brass banders and even music students, preparing for the profession,  and proving their worth at college and in the band. We have worked with church organists, (where the organ is tuned to standard pitch), which makes for  even more exciting musical possibilities.

  We do not use amplification, which we would only need if our audiences exceed 1000, which they usually do not, or for announcements.   But we do have access to sound equipment if needed.

What we do use is: clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones, two trumpets, two trombones, euphonium or French horn, tuba and drums. With that line-up almost any style of music can be played.  Our lengthy alphabetical repertoire list can be seen on our website and/or or E mailed to you.  Additional music, not listed, which might be of special significance, can often be borrowed from other music libraries given sufficient notice.

The band is professional, but part time, so not V.A.T. registered.  Fees are negotiated for each engagement.  They cannot be standardised because distance, travelling time and costs, length of the engagement and size of band are all factors.  Generally the cost of this live band can favourably be compared with the costs of a disco, but if needed, we can reduce the band in size -  where space, budget, sound or music selected are factors.  We have played as a five piece, which was still excellent, but each instrument lost, limits the music one way or another. The band arrangements and some original compositions by band members are all specifically for a ten piece band.  The band is very easy to sing with - soloists, hymns or party ensembles.

The band is based in Haworth, and most of the players live in West Yorkshire.  So our engagements are generally within striking distance of there.  It has never toured and rarely does overnights, but could if the occasion arose. 

It has recorded two C.Ds. in its lifetime. Some samples of our music can be heard on the website.